Vane width right angle measuring machine

This machine measures the width and squareness of the vane (taper) and sort based on the width dimension.This can sort me piece per second at speed and also classify items up to 10 types.

Rotor shaft

Rotor size measuring machine

This machine is a manual to measure the outside diameter, cylindricity, roundness and the width of rotor shaft.

Compressor assembly

Cylinder Alignment machine

This machine adjusts the bearing temporarily assembled with a cylinder in the proper position, based on the data of the shaft measurement. A rotary compressor cylinder, bearings and the shaft can be assembled within the dimension tolerance. After it moved the optimum position, this machine tightens the bolt up by a nut runner.

Casing pipe inner diameter, concentricity measuring machine

This machine uses the internal diameter of 4 points of the casing pipe of the scroll compressor, a straight line connecting the virtual axis of two points of inner diameter as a reference, to measure the misalignment amount between the reference and the object that is the virtual axis of the inner diameter with one place and judges OK/NG.

Air compressor related measuring machine