Inner ring, Outer ring

Bearing ball groove shape measuring machine

This machine measures the shape of each ball groove of inner and outer rings; calculates the R dimensions of the grooves, PV value (maximum and minimum value of shape graph).

Bearing matching measuring machine

This machine measures the inner ring groove diameter and put it in the inner ring rotation stocker.
Also, the classified ball was prepared in advance, after measurement of outer ring of groove diameter, select the inner ring and a ball to make optimum clearance.

Minimum bearing ball matching measuring machine

This machine is a minimum sized bearing ball matching assembly. The minimum inner diameter can be handled is Φ 1mm. It measures the inner and the outer rings of ball grooves, and set up with the optimum clearance on the basis of the calculation.

Bearing assembly

Bearing total measuring machine

This machine measures the various items of completion bearings. Make discrimination of OK / NG and read automatically the bearing number to make the inspection report.

Needle roller

Needle roller outer diameter inspection machine

This measures the outside diameter of the needle roller and makes judgment. Also it makes correction with the feedback signal from the measurement results.

Bearing related measuring machine