Head is Only 9mm Thick

This space-saving head is ideal for precision measurements on compact machines.

Completely Waterproof Structure

The head can be used for on or off the machine applications.

Auto Zero Set for Different Diameters within 8mm

Changing of setup for diameters within 8mm is fully automatic. Zero set can be performed by input of the signal to the control unit.

Compatible with 40 Sizes

By combining the CRN-LN8 and the PULCOM V7 or V10A with the size shift function, 40 different types of workpieces can be automatically measured.
Note: A fulcrum to allow floating of the overall unit is required behind this measuring head.


Measurement of crank pin outer diameter Enables easy measurement in narrow locations (crank pin outer diameter, etc.). Automatic measurement can be performed if diameter difference is within φ8mm.