Electric micrometer control unit with built-in control box

Compact-type control panel ideal for use in production

  • Facilities and includes an installable DIN rail
  • DC 24 V single power supply

Sizing device (in-process) functionality included

  • Real-time Specifications (1 ms sampling, 8 ms response)
  • Smoothing, LPF, retract confirmation, zero shift functionality, and sizing meter output

Automatic measuring (full control from an external device)

  • 56 types of communication commands, 3 channel analog inputs.
  • Easy PLC connectivity (both plus common, minus common connectivity)

Gage unit with highly flexible measuring station

  • 16 rank judgment output (standard 5 rank)
  • 4 judgment timings (Y00, Y10, Y11, Y21)
  • 6 types of basic gage calculation (G1, G2, G1 Å} G2, (G1 Å} G2)/2)