Differential Trans-Type

Slim & Compact

Measuring head, using electric micrometer system, is very compact

Reference Point

The sensor has an electrical origin and you can use it for the reference position of measurement.

Enough Repeatability

Repeatabilities of measurement are ranging from 0.05 um to 0.3 um, for example, which help to measure and check work size, etc. constantly in the bulk production line.

By using contact measurement, destabilizing elements in the object and ambient conditions, such as color, reflection, water, oil or other things, do not effect measurement allowing an accurate measurement of the dimensions.

Normal type: E-DT-80SE measuring range of 2.2 mm, E-DT-80MC measuring range of 1 mm

E-DT-80SE For general precision measuring.


E-DT-80MC Small size for equipment assembly.


Medium displacement type: E-DT-80LA for easy workpiece positioning (10 mm stroke)

Optional vacuum nipple attachment allows air control between retraction and measuring operations.
LA type has low measuring force (0.7 N) to prevent scratches to workpieces.

Low measuring force type cannot retract.

E-DT-80LA Right angle type for measuring medium displacement:


Long displacement measuring type: 11 mm stroke, measuring range 10 mm specification E-DT-8010A

E-DT-8010A For long displacement measuring:


Lever type: E-DT-LM

Lever type: E-DT-LM supports low measuring force and high precision used in roundness measuring devices.

E-DT-LM For ordinary precision measuring:



Measurement of Bearing Run-out

Medición del Run-out del Rodamiento

Measurement of Thickness & Parallelism

Three or four detectors are used to measure the thickness and parallelism of the workpiece simultaneously.

Measurement of Rotary Compressor Roller Height

Four detectors are used to measure the maximum height and parallelism of the workpiece. The workpiece can be easily mounted and removed since the spindle retract mechanism is used.