Usage example:Cam shaft O.D

High precision

Small optical scale is built-in and realized the high precision pencil type gage.

Small size and space-saving

The measurement stable with preeminent repeat accuracy is achieved.

Cost performance

Low price with high performance is achieved.


Waterproofed type PHA-13W and PHA-26W are IP67.


Not a ball bearing but a slide bearing is adopted, and there is outstanding durability. The large fluctuation of the measurement force doesn’t take place at the line measurement with a short cycle time because of the adoption of the slide bearing. The sliding resistance of the spindle changes greatly for the ball bearing if the retainer shifts to the stroke end.

PHA-USB PHA + Minicom X Outer Diameter measurement with PHA and Minicom Step measurement with PHA The flatness of the bearing is measured with PHA Multipoint Measurement
PHA - High Precision Digital Measuring Instruments