Post-Process Electric Micrometer Control Unit

Higher Functionality

Improved visibility: Large 3 color 7 seg LED display. Different colors make it easy to see judgment results even from a distance. A higher level of functionality enables utilization of a wider range of applications.

Measurement of two items: Outer diameter + end face, outer diameter + outer diameter and various other variations are available.

P memory function: Suitable for dynamic measuring after work on surface grinders.

BCD/BIN output function: U1000A compliant data can be output by adding an I/O2 circuit board.

Easy Operation

  • LCD can display alphanumeric characters
  • Interactive operation for a wide variety of settings.
  • Measured and offset values can easily be checked on the LCD.
  • Same type of rotary switch as on U600 (previous unit), V7 and V8
  • Rotary switch enables intuitive operation.
  • Frequently used operations can be quickly selected.
  • Unifying operation system with U600, V7 and V8 minimizes operator load when the control unit is changed.

DSP + RISC CPU Provide High Speed and Performance

  • The adoption of a DSP (digital signal processor) facilitates digital processing of various signals at high speeds.
  • In addition to a smoothing filter, the unit has a standard 7-step LPF (low pass filter) selection function.
  • Real-time processing of notch processes.

Super Ease of Maintenance

  • Simplified I/O Monitor
  • Wiring with machine can be easily checked.
  • Self-Diagnostic Program
  • Interactive verifications enable user to perform primary maintenance. Upward Compatibility with U600
  • The U600 can be replaced by using an optional I/O cable.

Detachable Front Panel (V6S)

The front panel is detachable so you can position it so it is easy for the operator to use. The control board is built-in to the main unit. The panel can be located a maximum of 10 meters away from the main unit.