Measuring Heads for Small-Diameter Inner-Surface Grinders.

Through Spindle Type

Installation through the spindle facilitates a wide range of grinding wheel, auto loader and dressing unit configurations. For ultra small diameters, a grinding wheel that is close to the machining hole diameter can be used, eliminating the necessity of frequent replacements.

Stationary/Oscillating Measurements

Two type of heads are available: A stationary type where the stylus remains in the hole during grinding, and an oscillating type where sliding in and out is synchronized with the grinding wheel.

RF-05A Miniature Type

This easy-to-use type features an outer diameter of 24.8 mm.

RF-06A Pencil Type

Designed for especially compact machines, this type has an outer diameter of 15.9 mm.

Superior Response

These rear-fork gages feature a maximum response of 800 cpm for ultra-small diameter oscillating grinding.