About Us

Tosei Mexico is a leading manufacturer of precision measuring equipment. We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of automatic measuring equipment for production lines of precision automotive parts, bearings, and other electronic products. In addition to our innovative products, Tosei Mexico offers a wide range of services to our customers. Not only do we repair our products here in Mexico, we also provide full support for all our products. Our staff is knowledgeable and capable of solving even the most difficult applications.

Our Philosophy

WIN-WIN RELATIONSHIPS CREATE THE WORLD’S NO.1 PRODUCTS. Cutting-edge technological expertise and speed of development are imperative to produce global market-leading products. To accomplish this, it is essential for ACCRETECH-TOKYO SEIMITSU to build mutually beneficial “WIN-WIN” relationships with individuals and companies around the world that share the same drive to develop globally unmatched products. We have formed an international hybrid type structure, intermingling diverse cultures to create a one-of-a-kind product development system.

Our Mission

Provide the most accurate and high quality metrology solutions, during and after machining processes, either in the laboratory or challenging environments.

Our Vision

Be acknowledged as a high level service company and efficient engineering based solutions for process measurement and control.

Our Corporate

Our History

Inaugurated in capital ten million yen as a subsidiary of TOKYO SEIMITSU Co., Ltd. (ACCRETECH).
The company product of after-sales service business , and sales of system products related to its products, to start the consulting business.
1972 Head Office and Tokyo Plant completed (Chofu-city, Tokyo).
Began designing, manufacturing and selling automated electronic component sorting machines.
1976 The capital increase in capital 30 million.
1977 Began designing, manufacturing and selling automated automotive component measuring and sorting machines.
1979 Company name changed to TOSEI ENGINEERING CORP.
1985 The capital increase in capital 100 million yen.
New Nagoya Plant constructed (first phase).
1990 The capital increase in capital 200 million yen.
The capital increase in capital 300 million yen.
1991 New Nagoya Plant constructed (second phase).
1992 It merged with Japan Physitec Equipment Co., Ltd.
The capital increase in capital 310 million yen.
1997 New Nagoya Plant constructed (Third phase).
1998 The capital increase in capital 364.87 million yen.
1999 The capital increase in capital 442.62 million yen.
Head Office and Plant moved to Tsuchiura.
Switzerland, the business alliance for HCT Inc. and wire saw and other related services.
Began wefer business.
2001 Shares listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The capital increase in capital 953.02 million yen.
2002 TOKYO SEIMITSU Co., Ltd. transfers its In-line Measuring Systems Division to TOSEI ENGINEERING CORP.
2004 Subsidiary TOSEI (THAILAND) Co., Ltd. established in Thailand.
Subsidiary TOSEI MEASURING (PINGHU) CO., LTD. establishedin China.
ISO 9001 acquisition.
2005 Tokyo Seimitsu and stock exchange shares in the Company.
Subsidiary TOSEI KOREA Co., Ltd. established in Korea.
2007 Expanded Head Office Tsuchiura and Nagoya Plant.
2008 New Kandatsu Plant constructed.
Subsidiary TOSEI ENGNEERING Pvt., Ltd. established in India.
2009 Subsidiary TOSEI AMERICA, INC. established in United States of America.
2010 Subsidiary PT TOSEI INDONESIA established in Indonesia.
2011 Subsidiary TOSEI TAIWAN established in Taiwan.
Subsidiary TOSEI MEXICO, S.A. de C.V. established in Mexico.
2012 New Tsuchiura Kandatsu Plant extension (second phase).
2013 Subsidiary TOSEI PHILIPPINES CORP. established in Philippines.
2014 New Tsuchiura Kandatsu Plant extension (third phase).
2015 Subsidiary TOSEI CANADA MEASURING Inc. established in Canada.