EV Solution for New Energy Vehicle

For various parts of electric vehicles, we make proposals for dedicated measuring devices that incorporate contact type sensors evolved from LVDT and digital gauges, as well as new non-contact type sensors of imagery and lasers.

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In-Line Measuring Systems

TOKYO SEIMITSU has met the customer needs as a measuring equipment manufacturer through the real-time control by in-process gauges, the feedback control by post-process gauges, and the feedforward system that combines them.

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Products for Cutting Process

The PULCOM series of TOKYO SEIMITSU are applicable for a variety of measurements on workpieces, such as outer diameter, inner diameter, width and splines.

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Products for Grinding Process

The PULCOM series of TOKYO SEIMITSU, developed with a high precision measuring system of the submicron level, significantly higher than that of previous products, accommodate processing technologies that are increasingly demanding higher precision.

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Products for Manual Measurement

These sensors with time-tested performance and high recognition are fully equipped with "operability" and "visibility" required of in-line measurement, "high-speed response" necessary for incorporation of equipment, and "high precision" needed for lab usage.

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