EV Solution for New Energy Vehicle

From its foundation until today, TOKYO SEIMITSU has adapted itself to global changes and satisfied various customer needs through its high technological capability.

What is required of a measuring equipment manufacturer that can accommodate ever changing customer needs? With the arrival of electric vehicles, the auto industry is undergoing a structural change and diversification, and consequently customers's production lines are also required to improve their quality further. TOKYO SEIMITSU manufactures and sells coordinate measuring machines, surface texture and contour measuring instruments as well as roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments. We offer proposals for these products to be used on the shop floor according to the automation needs. Also, in-line measuring products are now indispensable for production of electric vehicles. For various parts of electric vehicles, we make proposals por dedicated measuring devices that incorporate contact type sensors evolved from LVDT and digital gauges, as well as new non-contact type sensors of imagery and lasers. Consolidating the world's leading technologies, taking on various challenges, and growing beyond the corporate, national and regional boundaries. We are convinced that this is the new business structure that will develop profoundly in the 21 century. We will continue to go forward and create win-win relations together with customers, and offer solutions as a comprehensive in-line precision measuring equipment manufacturer.

EV Solution for New Energy Vehicle

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