In-Line Measuring Systems

TOKYO SEIMITSU has proven worthy of the trust of users who seek 100% uptime and 100% good-quality articles.

TOKYO SEIMITSU started its history as an in-line measuring equipment manufacturer in step with the rise of Japan's automobile industry in the 1960s. What was demanded of manufacturing lines afterward? It as production at full capacity for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year, 100% good-quality articles, and 100% uptime. TOKYO SEIMITSU has met the customer needs as a measuring equipment manufacturer through the real-time control by in-process gauges, the feedback control by post-process gauges, and the feedforward system that combines them. We have also earned a high reputation for comprehensive support capability including short delivery time, flexible response to applications, and high reliability. Another distinctive feature of TOKYO SEIMITSU is its well-established support system in each site. The experience and achievements in the in-line measuring system establishment is the very background of TOKYO SEIMITSU as a comprehensive manufacturer of in-line precision measuring equipment including the semiconductor manufacturing equipment we produce today.

In-Line Measuring Systems

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